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Can I make a booking on without registration?

No, you should be a registered user in order to confirm your booking. However, you can continue exploring our website as a guest without registration, and if you wish to register with us, you are most welcome; although you shall get auto-registered once you add your email address during the booking process.

What do I do if I can't log in to my account or have forgotten my username or password?

Your password is case-sensitive, please make sure that you correctly use uppercase and lowercase character when entering your password. You can reset your password whenever you like by clicking Reset Password.

How can I update my profile?

You must inform us immediately in case you want to change your email address or contact number by sending us email at mentioning all the updated information.

When will I receive a confirmation email?

You should receive the confirmation email along with the booking voucher (PDF file) within 30 minutes of completing the booking. If you did not receive the confirmation within 30 minutes, please check your junk mail and/or spam filters. If you still have not received the confirmation email, please contact us and we will resend it again.

What should I do if I did not receive a confirmation email?

Please check if the email was filtered out to your Junk and/or Spam mail folder. Most email accounts offer an unwanted mail filter service to protect you from junk mail, and it is possible that your confirmation email has been mistakenly filtered by this service. If the email is in the Junk/Spam mail folder, make sure you mark it as "not spam", so that future emails from us will get through. If you still have not received the confirmation email, please contact us and we will resend it again.

What is the booking voucher?

The booking voucher is a verification that you have a confirmed booking with Travel One Group. It is a PDF attachment sent to you along with the confirmation email. It’s recommended to keep it with you while travelling as some suppliers (hotels, airlines, tour operators, etc.) may ask you to present it.

What should I do if I made a mistake while making my booking or after confirmation?

Once you recognize you have made a mistake, please contact us immediately at +962795902000 or

Are the prices shown on the website inclusive of taxes?

If you have made a mistake after completing your booking, and you want to change some details or you have noticed a contradiction in the confirmation email, please contact us at

Why do prices on the website seem to vary from day to day?

Prices are only accurate at the time of the search. This is because prices are calculated based on the rates we receive from our respective suppliers at the time of search to bring you the most competitive available deal we can at that moment.

How can I view the prices in the currency of my choice?

You can simply choose the currency you want by picking it out from the drop-down box at the top of the homepage. The page will automatically update to reflect the chosen currency.

How do I make a complaint?

We try our best to provide an excellent service to our customers, if we have fallen short, we are keen to hear about it. Please send us your comments so we can understand how to put things right for you and enhance our service in the future. Please contact us at and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Do I need to take my tarvel insurance documents with me when I travel?

In most countries there is no legal requirement for you to keep your travel insurance policy document with you while travelling. However, we advise you to check the requirements of each country you intend to visit as some countries may require an evidence of insurance. For your easy reference you may want to carry a copy of your travel insurance policy.



What is an e-ticket?

E-ticketing is a "paperless" method to book flights. Once you have made your reservation(s), it is stored electronically in the airline reservation system. We will send you a confirmation email with your booking reference number, which used as a receipt for your e-ticket. You will not receive a physical "e-ticket" or paper tickets to show at the airport. We recommend that you take a printout of your confirmation email along with the confirmation voucher with you, although some airlines will not request to see this.

What should I know before booking a flight?

  • There are some notes to be taken into consideration while making a flight booking:

  • First and last name of traveller/passenger must match their spelling as per passport.

  • Passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure unless you are travelling to the United States, your passport should have a validity date at least 6 months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States.

  • It is strongly recommended to check online using the airline's website to avoid any extra charges.

  • If you have a connecting flight, you might need to recheck your baggage at each airport, even if your connecting flight is with the same airline. However, we strongly recommend checking directly with the airline to avoid any inconvenience that might happen.

  • Please remember to arrive at the airport (3 Hours) prior to flights scheduled time of departure.

  • In case of booking modification, and as per fare rules, additional fees may apply.

    • To cancel or modify any airline ticket after issuance and before usage, please contact us directly.

    • To amend/modify any airline ticket after issuance and after partial usage of the same; please contact us or the airline directly. 

  • Hand baggage in cabin/onboard should not exceed the following dimensions [Length: 24cm, Width: 41cm, Depth: 51cm] or total amount of 7kgs.

    • Some/certain items may be prohibited in some countries; revert to country's embassy for further details. 

    • Some/certain items may be dutiable in some countries; revert to country's embassy for further details.

    • Some items may be prohibited for import or export or dutiable; even in the country of your origin or residence, revert back to country's embassy or customs office for further details.

  • Some items may endanger the safety of other passengers and/or the aircraft; thus, such items are restricted or forbidden as per IATA's Dangerous Goods Regulations code [DGR].

  • Unaccompanied minor [2-12 years] while in the USA and Canada; unaccompanied minor [2-16 years] all these unaccompanied minors require airlines approval to travel.

How do the airlines classify infant, child and adult passengers?

This information below covers most of the airlines, however, a few exceptions operate slightly different age groups. Infants: Under 24 months. Infants must travel in the same seat as his/her parent. Generally, the infant travels for free or pays about 10% of the fare. If your infant will be 1-year-old on the outbound flight but 2-year-old on the return flight, you will need to include them as a child on your reservation, not an infant. Children: Usually 2-11 years old. You will pay a child fare for children of this age, who will be allowed to set on their own seat. Some airlines apply a child fare if your child will be 11 years old at the time of departure but 12 years old on the return flight; other airlines apply an adult fare for such a case. Please contact your airline for an accurate decision as this issue is debatable and varies from airlines regulations to another. Adults: 12 years old and up. The airline rules, regulations, charges and requirements will apply at the time of travel.

Travelling with infants

  • As per the airline policy, an infant is someone under 24 months of age (at the time of the return flights); if your child will be over 24 months of age by the time you return, you must purchase a Child ticket for him/her. Below are some things to keep in mind when traveling with infants:

  • If the infant is going to sit on a lap, an Infant ticket is required. Keep in mind that the airlines will only permit one lap infant per adult traveler (age 18 and above); you'll need to purchase a child ticket (age under 11 years) for each infant exceeding the number of adult travelers.

  • If you do not want your infant to sit on your lap, you will need to purchase a Child ticket and you will be required to seat the infant in an infant car seat during the flight. You are liable for providing the infant car seat.

Travelling while pregnant or sick

Airlines may request some type of documentation (medical report) that you are safe to fly, depends upon the phase of your pregnancy or the severity of your illness. Consult your doctor and contact your airline directly for more details on when flying should be avoided.

Special needs and requests

We understand that some travellers might have special needs such as oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, service animals, special meals or luggage handling. Since each airline has different rules for these requests, please contact the airline directly. Special requests may require airline approval and be subjected to an additional fee payable directly to the airline. We have no control over an airline's capability to fulfil customers' special needs and cannot guarantee that these requests will be met by the airline.

How will I know if my flight got delayed or cancelled?

When your flight is cancelled or behind schedule we will notify you by sending an email or contacting you through a phone call. That depends on the contact information you have provided us with.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my flight booking?

For upgrade reissuing cases, please contact us. Any downgrading issues need the airline’s permission so please contact the airline directly for such cases.

Can I change the name on my flight ticket?

No, according to airlines rules and regulations it is not possible to change the traveller name. All kinds of tickets are strictly nominative and non- transferable among individuals, meaning the name cannot be changed or amended. Alternatively, the only choice is to re-book a new ticket and cancel the previous one –if possible-. For any misspelt names, please contact your airline directly.

Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Tickets, in general, cannot be transferred to another person. The name entered in the passenger name field when you make your booking is the name that will appear in the airline's reservation system. For security purposes, the name on the ticket must be exactly as it appears on the traveller’s passport that will be presented at check-in.

Can I book a flight for more than 9 passengers?

Yes, you can book a flight for more than nine passengers, but you will have to split the group into two sub-groups; this is because airline policy usually requires different pricing for groups larger than nine people travelling on the same flights (excluding infants who are not occupying their own seat). For instance, to book a flight for 12 travellers, you should split the group into two groups of 6 passengers.

What type of identification will I need to present at check-in at the airport?

The documentation you will need might vary depends upon your citizenship and your destination. All International travellers will need a valid passport, and may also need to show additional documentation at the destination and/or in connecting countries. In addition, all travellers must have suitable documents for entry/re-entry into a country (i.e. correct visa, valid passport, onward/return ticket). For international one-way travel, evidence of return travel or onward travel may be required and children travelling without both parents may also require additional documentation. Requirements vary based on the passenger's citizenship and country of residence.

Can I make a reservation for my pet?

If you are travelling with a pet, please contact your airline directly for information regarding their policies and charges related to pet travel.



Where does the property's stars come from?

Star ratings are acknowledged by the properties, regarding regulatory oversight for their own markets. Travel One Group does not assign these ratings and accepts no legal responsibility for their accuracy.

How can I view more information about the room or property facilities?

You can find the property services listed under "Property Services" tab in the property’s information page. For more information, kindly check the hotel’s website.

Can the property store my luggage before check-in or after check-out times?

Most properties provide a luggage storing service, available both before check-in and after check- out either with or without additional charges. Please contact the property directly for more information about that service.

What is the difference between twin and double rooms?

A Double room has one/double full bed and a Twin room has two twin beds. If a room is called Double/ Twin, it can be set up for either type.

Can I change the guest name on my accommodation reservation?

If you need to change the guest name of the reservation, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to do it. In case you do not contact us to change the guest name, the hotel has the right to refuse your check-in.

What are the check-in and check-out times for the property?

Check-in time generally varies between 14:00 to 15:00 hours on the day of arrival. Check-out time is normally by 12:00 (Noon) on the day of departure. Early check-in and late check-out are subjected to special approval and depend on room availability, cannot be guaranteed and are usually subjected to additional charges.

Can I make same day check-in reservations on

Yes, it is possible as long as the room is available on the website when you make the search.

Can I still check-in if I arrived earlier/later than the stated check-in time?

It is recommended to contact the property directly for early check-in or late check-out requests, and in advance to avoid any inconvenience that might happen.

What if my flight does not go as scheduled?

If you are going to be later than expected, please contact your property directly. Additionally, if you will be checking in later than midnight on your confirmed check-in day, please contact your property to let them know. Otherwise, they might give your room to someone else.

What do I have to present at the property when I check-in?

When check-in you will need to present the booking voucher and a valid passport or ID. Some properties may require a valid credit card; the same one used for the booking or cash deposit to settle any personal extras during your stay.

What should I do if the credit card I used to book is invalid or has been cancelled?

If your card has become invalid or has been cancelled, please contact us promptly to avoid any problems upon check-in.

Can I add rooms or nights to my existing accommodation reservations? 

You will need to make another reservation in order to add rooms or nights to your stay. Please note; when you make the new reservation you may not be given the same room for the additional nights.

Can I have an official confirmation letter from the property for visa purposes?

Toghi will issue the booking voucher along with your booking details as an official confirmation letter. In case your embassy does not accept this as evidence for your visa application, you will need to contact the property directly for a confirmation letter to confirm that you have a reservation at that property.



How near to my travel date can I book a car?

There is a required minimum of 24 hours between car rental booking and pick-up date/time.

What do I need to bring when I pick up my rental car?

  • You should have the below things with you when you arrive to pick-up your rental car: 

  • A credit card in the driver´s name. It is strongly recommended that this is a Visa or MasterCard as some suppliers will not accept American Express, Visa Premier or Diners Club credit cards.  The credit card will be used to block a security deposit so sufficient funds will be required. For luxury cars, two credit cards in the same name are required for all rentals. In this case, the credit cards must not be from the same issuer.

  • A full valid driving license typically held for at least one year with no major endorsements is required. Depending on the point of sale and the destination, an international driving license may be required. It is strongly advised that you check individual country or car rental supplier requirements prior to picking up the car.  

  • The car rental voucher is required (if applicable)

  • ID card and/or passport to verify your date of birth and that you meet the minimum age required to drive a vehicle (varies from country to country)


  • The person picking up the car must be the person named as the driver in the booking confirmation.

  • This person (named as the driver) will need the credit card in their name to pick up the car.



What types of online payment methods are available on

We currently process the following online payment methods:

  • Credit cards; Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

  • Debit cards; Visa and MasterCard.

  • PayPal account.

Can I use a debit card to complete my booking?

Yes, you can, however, most banks do not activate debit cards to be used for online purchases or at least advise against it, please check with your credit card provider to know if your card is authorized for online payments.

Why do I need to enter my credit card details? requests credit card details as these details are used to process the payment for the reservation at the time of booking.

Can I make a reservation for myself using someone else's credit card?

Yes, you can, but in this case, the respective suppliers may ask you to present a copy of the credit card, a copy of the credit card holder passport and an authorization letter from the credit cardholder.

Is my credit card information secure?

Payment on's website is processed through a PCI (Payment Card Industry) certified party. Which is eligible to encrypt all personal data that is sent over the internet from your device to the payment gateway server. All information is saved on a secure server and is protected by a firewall. As an added protection, the firewall is monitored for security breach attempts.

Problems with credit card (cannot make a booking)?

If your credit card gets rejected and you cannot process your payment, then the booking cannot be submitted. Please call us on +96265902000 or send us an email at to assist you accordingly. And you need also to contact your credit card provider to check the status of your card.



How can I cancel my booking?

First, please check the remarks and cancellation policy of your booking as some bookings are non-refundable nor changeable or transferable. Please note that we currently do not support online cancellations, we only accept cancellation requests through phone or via customer service email, you should call us on +96265902000 or send us an email at to assist you accordingly.

Will I be charged if I cancel my booking?

The details and conditions of the cancellation policy are different for each booking depending on the property, period of stay, room type, fair rules, etc. Cancellation fees can be found in the summary page before proceeding with the payment process.

Can I cancel or change my dates for a non-refundable booking?

Changing your dates for non-refundable bookings is not possible. If you decide to cancel a non-refundable booking you may incur charges. Any cancellation fees are set by the service provider itself.

What is a non-refundable and free cancellation policy?

Every service has a different policy set to it.

  • A non-refundable policy means that no refund will apply if you decide to cancel or make changes on your booking. 

  • Free cancellation means you can change or cancel your booking with no extra charge if done within the time period set by the service provider, but if you cancel at a later time you may incur charges.

How many times can I change my travel date(s)?

You can change your travel date(s) as many times as you want, but be aware that you will be responsible to pay any charges resulting from the amendments and prices difference.

How will I know if my booking was cancelled?

As soon as your booking is cancelled in our system we will send you an email confirming the cancellation of your booking. If you have not received the cancellation email, kindly check your spam/junk mail to make sure the email was not mistakenly filtered in your spam/junk inbox. If you still did not receive the email, please contact us.

What happens if I miss my flight?

If you miss your flight it will be considered as a no-show, which means a passenger did not show up for the outbound flight, which results in all the connecting flights associated with this one even a return flight to be cancelled automatically. No refund will be applied and in some airline’s policy, changes are not permitted.

If my flight is cancelled what will happen to the money I paid for excess luggage?

For any luggage related issues please contact the airlines directly.

When will I get my refund? will process your refund within a maximum of 72 hours from the time we receive the request; as soon as the refund is processed, your issuer bank may additionally take up to 14 working days to post the refunded amount to your account. In case of ticket bookings, the airlines refund process will take up to 15 working days to process the refund issue before proceeding to the issuing bank.