The flights tab offers way more than the name it holds.


It offers any type of transportation from one city to another or one country to another, from buses to trains to ferries and private transfers where necessary.

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Unlike other websites, when you chose a roundtrip through the flights tab on toghi, it firstly takes you to a page with the onward and return flights visible for you. So when you choose your onward flight you have the return flight selection in mind, but also allowing you full flexibility to choose a different airline for each sector.

From this page you can view the best 4 options of each sector based on a sophisticated algorithm that calculates the best price, duration, and departure and arrival times. But never taking away to option to view many more flight options through clicking the 'view more options' button.

Onward& Return Flights


More Than Just Flights

The tab is called flights but it offer many more transport methods than just flights like trains and buses, sometimes even ferries where available.

Explore options and travel at your convenience exactly how you like to travel.

If you like to travel lights, if you often change your mind last minute, if you prefer to always sit next to the window and enjot the beautiful views from above we got you covered with fare families.

We know ticker rules are not a one size fits all thing which is why we now offer you full flexibility to choose the ticket that suits you most and pay only for the things you care to pay for.

When on the flight page click fare families to view flights that offer you that flexibility only and choose the fare that fits you the most.

Fare Families

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