Through our hotels tab you unlock much more than just hotels.

We give you the option to book a hotel of any category, as well as penthouses, villas, motels, hostels and even rental  apartments.

We currently offer 590,000 accommodation around the world and are constantly working on widening our inventory worldwide.

Toghi Loves

Booking engines have given travellers complete independence, which is great! But sometimes, understandably, travelers require a little help, a little advice, a little tip. Which is why we invested in our 30 years of travel experience in creating the 'hotels we love' list.

When you click the 'toghi loves' button, it filters hotel results to hotels we recommend. Those hotels are chosen either based on live visits, our customers' feedback or deep research.

We can guarantee if you choose a hotel we love you will not regret your choice.

Refundable Rates

Uncertainty is the biggest reason that makes travelers hesitate to book, and we understand that.

We created a filter that shows rooms with refundable rates only, where you can book at ease, and know you are free to change your mind later.

Italian Countryside


Boutique Hotel


You might wonder what the difference between hotels we love and favourites is,

Well, hotels we love are hotels we recommend to you, favourites is where you save your favourite hotels in every destination. Say when you go to London you always go to this one hotel; you wouldn't have to search for it everytime, you can just add it to your favourites and find it easily whenever you want to travel.

Or, if you are looking through a destination and you pass by a few hotels you like, you can add them to your favourites and after browsing through the whole list of hundreds of hotels, view the list you just created of your favourite ones.

Try this feature and favourite away!

Seaside Villa
Croissants and Jam