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Designing Everlasting Memories... Within Budget

Anybody walking down the aisle anytime soon?!

Yes! Well then, this post will be your travel expert!

As a start, what first inspired me to write this post is that it’s summer time where I live; it’s when everybody gets married! Even if not newlyweds, all couples go celebrate anniversaries and renew their vows elsewhere! Discarding the fact that it’s not summer everywhere, but it’s certainly vacation time everywhere!

Working for almost three years in a travel agency, I started to understand what honeymooners look for in their trips!

Of course, the main given purpose is to live an unmatchable experience of love, intimacy, and solitude engraving memories that shall last forever, and make that experience a solid and beautiful base for an everlasting journey for two!

Yet, considering the economic status of the globe, unfortunately not everyone can afford going on a honeymoon, or at least having a proper honeymoon without ruining their budget and being in debt for ages!

So, the real challenge lies in finding a destination, a hotel, a room, a flight, and activities, all in the right timing, and all within a small amount of money! Now, looking through the possibilities, and how different in tastes and preferences people can be, there are plenty of options, whether you prefer the destination to be a beach, or mountain, or a little bit of both! Or maybe a city, but honestly, I don’t usually prefer cities; I mean it’s your honeymoon, go somewhere that is a world only for the two of you, to celebrate, relax, and ignite your love!

Mostly, beaches and islands are the ideal choice for honeymooners, for reasons of solitude, beautiful and soothing surrounding, with a weather that is suitable for light clothing and freedom in movement in case of activities!

Maldives comes topping the list of honeymoon friendly destinations, being a massive touristic attraction first place, rather than how romantic and isolated it is, as well as offering an endless selection of affordable accommodation, and for a little more money, you can indulge in a fancy villa with your own private pool, with even with a sea view maybe! And all that would still be within budget!

But you need to know when to go though, because you do not want to witness the heavy rain that hits the island! So, avoid the northern atolls from May to November, and go the southern atolls instead. While on the contrary, the southern atolls are not to be visited between November and March, unless you want to get yourself crazy wet!

Another potential island is Bali! Incredibly breath taking, on a totally different level! Other than affordability and offering privacy and romance, this island will sure ignite your love, but to ITSELF… with its verdant greenery of lush rice fields scattered around the place, and the spiritual, serene ambience veiling the island, that is created by the very hospitable locals, and the ancient temples along the streets, giving you a great chance for sightseeing. I believe you will be mesmerized by the architecture of those temples, and the quietude filling the air!

Now about this option, you might think I’m crazy, but for me, food is always worth the flight. Yes, even on a honeymoon! You know, nothing compares to Mediterranean cuisine! Imagine having a dish of locally made “kftethes” (meatballs cooked in aromatic, seasoned tomato sauce, with some basmati rice on the side), or “yemista” (rice stuffed tomatoes, then fried with olive oil and a lot of garlic), on a table for two with your partner, with a sea view, or cliff and houses view, which - in Greece - is not any less beautiful than the sea view!

As there is always room for dessert! The hard part definitely won’t be fitting it into your stomach, it will be choosing it among the many, many irresistible choices! Like “Galaktoboureko” (which is custard baked under layers of phyllo pastries, then watered with flavored syrup, and maybe a sprinkle of pistachio on top!), or “Halvas”, (which is oil, semolina, sugar and water, cooked together) Make sure to have that one warm with lots of cinnamon! Yuuumm!

Okay, being fair to cities, some of them ARE actually romantic enough to step by with your partner, but maybe visit it along with another destination in the same trip combination. Like Venice for instance; no matter how buzzing the city might get, you’re sure to appreciate and enjoy a gondola ride, gliding to accordion tunes, creating you a fairy tale atmosphere. Or appreciate the greatness of Victorian architecture of Vienna, strolling around the romantic walkways hand in hand with your


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Stay tuned! Professional Honeymoon Planning Tips by the experts are coming around the corner!

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