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Through the Alleys of the Sky | Chefchaouen – Morocco

Pronounced Shafshāwan (ʃəfˈʃɑˑwən)

To the northwest of Morocco – very close to Tangier, what’s called Blue Pearl is situated; the very cheerful and uplifting town of Chefchaouen. This divine destination is considered a tourist magnet attracting them from all over the world, especially the ones seeking serenity and peace of mind!

Walking through the alleys of Chefchaouen feels like strolling around heaven with its blue shaded neighborhoods; I mean can you imagine living in a world of sky blue! Can you imagine living a life of ease and peace! But the telltales of why the whole town is painted blue vary, while some say that Jews painted it after fleeing Hitler, and some say it was painted by locals because such a calm color motivates a spiritual sense of living, which to me makes a lot of sense!

Chefchaouen’s traditional, artsy, and spiritual beauty attracts tons of loving fans regularly, and the place and the people there are so welcoming that you find locals and tourists mingling in the main square of the old town as if they have been living together forever! It’s amazing how uniting this place is; I wonder if the color has something to do with that!

The square is lined with cafes serving traditional and modern drinks – Make sure you visit Chez Hicham restaurant for a lovely, authentic bite, probably it will be topped with or involving the locally made goat cheese; it is so good you’ll taste it in the back of your mouth till the end of day, while by walking the surrounding alleys you’ll find the most amazing handicrafts shop, making the most unique and colorful pieces of handmade bags, woolen sweaters, woven rugs, and even antiqued silver jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else in all of Morocco, and can’t resist smiling at because of how vibrant the colors, and how buzzing the streets are.

Another thing you should do while you’re there is to give the green hills fencing the city some credit and go on a hiking tour; very nearby is Kef Toghobeit Cave, which is the deepest cave in Africa.

There is a lot to explore in Chefchaouen and we guarantee it’s worth the visit! Considering that the weather in Chefchaouen is at its best around spring -March to May- and autumn -September to November- you should begin planning your trip right away to ensure best prices!

Chefchaouen is about two hours away from Tangier where tourists prefer to stay for better accommodation and have a day tour in Chefchaouen

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